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Why are Food Allergies Becoming More Common?

Allergic reactions happen when the immune system tries to fight a foreign thing that gets into your body. This fight typically is for bacteria and viruses that cause you to get sick. It is the body’s way of fighting infections.

In the case of an allergy, the person has an abnormal reaction to a typically harmless thing, such as milk. Chemicals are released to fight what the body sees as something that shouldn’t be there, and this causes the symptoms we call an allergy. These symptoms vary widely – hives, coughing, or swelling to name a few.

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How Does Exercise Affect Your Brain?

We all know how exercise helps your body, but what about your brain? Logic would say since your brain is a part of your body, exercise should help there too, and it does.

From a personal point of view, you know you feel better and sleep better when you exercise regularly. Are you also happier? More relaxed? In a better mood?

You read a lot about superfoods, packed with great things for your body, such as quinoa, kale, coconut oil, or salmon. But what is the best superfood for your brain? EXERCISE!! Continue reading