Best quality treadmills comparative price

We can find treadmills in all gyms, but every day we can see them in homes. This should not surprise us, it is one of the most complete equipment for cardiovascular training along with stationary bikes and ellipticals. A treadmill allows us to regularly follow a running training program without worrying about weather conditions, it is a great ally for people who want to lose weight or dedicate themselves to improving their performance. To help you choose, we have created this comparison of the best value for money treadmills.

If treadmills have become popular around the world, it is because it has a large number of advantages and benefits, therefore it is a more effective cardio machine and more suitable for those who want to do a healthy exercise.

The best cheap treadmills

Not everyone can afford more than € 300 on a fitness accessory. It is with this in mind that I decided to add a “tight budget” category, often absent on sports sites.

However, we must rely on the limitations of this price range. Peripheral options are often limited, with few exceptions, and the length of the mat does not exceed 1m20.

However, I have been interested in selecting reliable treadmills from well-known brands, which have been tested over time and have no major defects. It is done!

ISE SY-1001 treadmill. The best value for money

With a price of around 200 Euros, this treadmill cannot be asked for more. 3 predefined training programs for any type of athlete, 8 speeds. The speed can be regulated from 1 km / h to 10 km / h.

On its LED screen it is possible to control all our training thanks to its control panel. None of the main data is missing, distance, time, speed, calories burned, and a Scan function to automatically switch from one data to the next.

Once folded, it does not take up much space, giving us great convenience to store this equipment when not in use. It is also equipped with wheels so that it can be moved comfortably from one room to another without the need for great effort.

Of all the cardio machines that I have tried, this is perhaps the most interesting, so I can safely recommend it to receive bad reviews or criticism. Of course, if you are an elite athlete or are used to running at high speed, then you should buy a more advanced machine, since this is a bit limited for great sprinters.


Best value for money

Size and folding




Not suitable for speed training

YM Electric Folding Treadmill

If you are starting to exercise and want a simple, efficient and inexpensive device, the YM is, in my opinion, the best option.

Very easy to assemble, the device has the advantage that it can be easily folded for storage if there is not enough space. It is also quiet and therefore very suitable for use in apartments, for example.

On the electronics side, the treadmill has an LED display that shows speed, distance traveled, and calories burned. A safety device is also present in the form of the classic contact cut to stop during use.

Since the device is designed for beginners, the running speed only increases up to 10 km / h. However, it is sufficient for fast walking or even jogging, and the incline of the treadmill ensures good energy expenditure during use.

Due to its small price and its transportable format, the belt is quite short and narrow. This is not a major problem when you use it, but if you are used to long gym platforms, you need a few minutes of adaptation the first time you use it.

Overall, the YM is a simple and effective inexpensive treadmill that suits beginners very well. It takes advantage of its small size to take up less space and be easily foldable, which makes it even more practical.

Sportstech F10: the economical alternative




easy to use

Ideal for regular activities.

Compatible with smartphones and applications


Treadmill a bit short

10 km / h maximum

Slightly more expensive than the previous model, the Sportstech F10 treadmill is still a good investment in terms of value for money. Marketed at around 340 euros, it is one of the cheapest fitness equipment without sacrificing quality. Solid and robust, it can accommodate a user weighing up to 120 kg. The advantage is also that this Sportstech F10 model can be easily stored thanks to its folding function.

We also really like its interactive side, which is justified by the compatibility with consoles, smartphones and tablets that have previously installed the iFitShow or Kinomap application. This allows you to monitor the performance, results and progress of the runner directly on the screen, during exercises on the treadmill. In addition, it measures time, distance, pulse, calories… As an added benefit, it has a wireless connection.

In terms of performance of the machine, it has a 1 PS-DC motor with a power of 7 horsepower up to 10 km / h. A top speed that is still a bit light for experienced runners, especially for sprinting. This treadmill also has 12 training programs to challenge yourself and can incline up to 18 degrees. Please note that this configuration is manual.

For maintenance, you can count on its innovative lubrication system that only requires a little lubrication every now and then. Take the opportunity to verify that the oil reservoir is full during the assembly of the machine, which is also very easy and fast. According to verified reviews on Amazon, they count on average about twenty minutes.

However, if we have to give it a negative point, it would be its slightly short treadmill that can limit long steps or block tall users. In conclusion, this product is ideal for people who want to stay in shape without opting for long, tedious and particularly fast sessions.

Grdinlux electric folding treadmill

If you’re looking for an unmounted treadmill for occasional use and on a budget, the Homcom Fitness treadmill is probably a good choice. Features are limited, but this model does what you want it to do without spending too much money. It can be used for walking or running up to a speed of 10km / h safely.

This tape is reliable, easy to assemble and use, the noise is adequate. It is a fairly compact tape and can be slid behind a sofa when folded. We can say that it is a good option to have a treadmill in our home



Easy to assemble

Easy to use


Few features

Somewhat noisy

Citysports magnetic treadmill

It is a good device for beginners. The Citysports treadmill offers many features and adjustable resistance and incline. It is equipped with an LCD screen, showing all the essential data. It is easily handled thanks to its wheels and its ability to fold.

It offers various levels of difficulty in terms of resistance and records basic data including heart rate, which can be viewed on its LCD screen. A complete device for a minimal investment.

This treadmill is quite robust and also foldable, which allows you to store this device easily. In addition, its transport wheels facilitate movement. Its lower price of € 400 makes it a fairly inexpensive option. In fact, equipped with a double magnetic wheel, it allows you to follow a progressive training thanks to its 8 levels of resistance that are manually adjustable.

For a beginner device, it offers a good range of features. In addition to the three levels of incline, it measures heart rate using pulse sensors, displays all essential data such as time, calories burned, distance and speed on its LCD screen.


Good value for money

Quick assembly



Fair running surface

Klarfit Treado Advanced electric treadmill. The most equipped

We have before us a treadmill with German quality but at an affordable price. Its large size and its various characteristics make it perfect for regular use. This apparatus offers the user programs and functions that allow him to train effectively and monitor his progress.

This treadmill offers 12 programs and 3 different inclinations, a wide selection of speed and many more practical tricks, such as quick buttons and holders for bottles and phones.

The LCD screen with blue backlighting indicates distance, amount of calories burned, time and its sensors measure our pulse. The speed and incline are offered at various levels, everyone can find their level of exercise on this device.

The large dimensions of the mat allow strides to be taken naturally and comfortably while protecting the joints.

Equipped with wheels, it is easy to move, the floor will be protected against damage thanks to its rubber pads on the bottom of the machine. Its hydraulic lever system helps to fold the surface of the belt with ease, helping to store it in a small space.




Easy to assemble

Easy to use

Very complete at an affordable price


Few instructions for use

The best mid-range treadmills

In this section, I found platforms that combine many features and excellent material quality, all at very competitive prices.

Hammer Race Runner 2000M: the mid-range alternative


high operating speed

adjustable tilt

training screen

Foldable and easy to move.

Super value for money


Instructions in English

The Hammer Race Runner 2000M treadmill is an exercise machine that is ultimately aimed at experienced athletes. Unlike previous models that allow a maximum speed of 10 km / h, this one can reach up to 20 km / h thanks to a well-powered motor. This motorized mat finally allows you to push yourself and work long distances like running.

In addition, the machine offers a 3-level tilt adjustment mode. A good deal for athletes who want to push their limits even further and apply for new muscles using the difficulty that comes with the incline. In addition, the practice of this sports activity trains almost 80% of the muscles and it is still the activity that allows you to burn more calories in an hour.

To add quality criteria to this treadmill, the brand places the LCD screen with a permanent display that shows the time, distance, pulse, calories burned… Also know that this device is compatible with a chest heart rate belt.

On the storage side, the product is foldable and easy to move around the room thanks to its wheels located at the front. Therefore, we can move it without having to ask for the help of the whole family and hide it even in the smallest areas. It is a good point to know that not everyone has the necessary surface to keep their exercise equipment in the middle of the room without getting stained.

On Amazon, the opinions on this topic are extremely positive as the machine has a rating of 4 stars out of 5. That is, there is no return below. In addition, no user has made negative comments about it or some difficulties with the delivery condition. Therefore, remember to check the status of your equipment upon receipt so that you can protect yourself from any risk.

Sportstech DESKFIT DFT200 Walkstation: the best mid-range


innovative design

Small and easy to store.

Smartphone compatible


Remote control setting

Fast delivery


Limited running surface

Difficulty connecting with the application.

The least we can say is that this tape is more than innovative and original. Small and without a support bar, it was developed to be used at work with a desk or table. While this may be disconcerting at first, it is actually a very good model for staying in shape at any time of the day, especially since it can be worn sitting or standing. It becomes a true ally for people who practice a sedentary professional activity that requires spending.

To use it, simply place it under your desk, whether you are sitting or standing. However, be careful, it is not a treadmill for experienced athletes, as the maximum speed of the device is only 7 km / h. Which is still light, but perfect for office use. In fact, the Sportstech DESKFIT DFT200 Walkstation treadmill is sold with a tablet holder to keep it at eye level and monitor the number of steps, distance and calories burned.

Very small, you should also know that the rug is easy to store, especially thanks to its support legs that can easily be stored against a wall, under a sofa or in a closet. In its own right, it is 130cm high, 56cm wide and 17cm thick.

For the negative aspects, we note the difficulty of connecting to the application that is in Chinese or English. As a bonus, being a miniature model, the running surface is minimal, especially for tall people. Also, users report that they have difficulty adjusting the speed as there is no medium setting. However, this tape is sold with a remote control that can adjust the options instead of the app if it doesn’t connect.

Sportstech F37: the best top of the range


high speed

Compatible with apps and Bluetooth

Possibility of significant inclination

Multiple training programs.

automatic lubrication system


Difficult assembly

Not recommended for beginners

We take it to the next level with this Sportstech F37 electric treadmill. Much more imposing and with functionality of a completely different level, this model is aimed more at experienced athletes looking to get the best of the best for their training sessions. For starters, there are almost 12 programs with ascending difficulties offered within the machine. Enough to vary the sessions easily.

We appreciate the possibility of inclination that can reach up to 15%. Or a real slope that allows you to work the muscles in another way and, above all, to add a new difficulty to its user.

In terms of functions, it’s nice to be able to have an automatic lubrication system that saves you from having to do it yourself and especially forgetting. Thanks to the silicone oil distributed in all sensitive areas, the risks of overheating are just a distant memory.

What is also positive is being able to rest on the large console that allows you to see all the important information. Heart activity, calories, time, distance… are recorded through the Kinomap application, which also offers to put you in a sports situation in nature.

As for its negative points, we recommend that you go slowly with the assembly so as not to forget a step that would be fatal for your device. Some buyers say they are disappointed by this difficulty due to an English manual and small explanatory diagrams. Therefore, they rated the treadmill 1 or 2 out of 5 stars. Also, the treadmill doesn’t offer a pause mode, so you have to start exercising again at zero every time you need to go to the bathroom, for example.

Along the same lines, we do not recommend this model for beginner athletes who may have trouble understanding the machine, also due to its high price. Therefore, take advantage of a promotion or promotional offer such as in the context of Black Friday to buy the machine and save money.

ProForm Performance 600i: the high-end alternative


Solid / High speed

Inclination up to 10%

Multiple prerecorded programs

Compatible with applications

Notice in Spanish, German and English.


Expensive application

This carpet was really about to be in the top 3 of the best models of 2020. However, if you were not so lucky, it is still a very good option in terms of value for money. On the price side, count less than 650 euros for this well-designed device. In general, this model is still mainly suitable for athletes whose activity is very frequent and intense.

For athletes with a good pedigree, the ProForm Performance 400i can reach a speed of 18 km / h. The perfect speed to train sometimes in cardio, both in sprints without missing one or the other. In addition, it can be tilted by an adjustable 10% via the LED display to create additional difficulty when using the slope.

There are also 18 prerecorded programs for very slow long-distance running or to increase difficulty and cardio with interval programs. A good way to vary the exercises and in the same way the cardio and the muscular request.

These programs can be adjusted directly on the console, which also indicates calories, distance, time, but also speed and heart rate. The latter is also measured using an EKG grip system and can be archived using the iFit app directly via Bluetooth.

In terms of rating, the device can boast of getting a very good average of 4.3 out of 5 stars with no lower rating than 3 with very good reviews. Proof that buyers really are convinced in most cases, except for the assembly instructions. Others would have even preferred a video tutorial available directly online to save time on editing.

Another downside is the subscription fee for the iFit app, which buyers find too expensive. In fact, it can reach up to 149 euros per year, which is starting to be expensive added to the purchase price of the electric treadmill. So think about buying your model during Black Friday periods or at the end of the season sales.

What is a treadmill?

A treadmill is a device for doing sports that helps us to imitate the effects that are achieved when walking or running. It allows you to practice sports indoors, at any time of the day, adapting the difficulty according to the level and objectives of the user. It is mainly focused on improving cardiovascular capacity, it is classified within the fitness equipment as well as the bodybuilding benches. It is an equipment that allows us to do a complete work of the muscles from the waist down : buttocks, thighs, calves and even the abs.

They are mainly designed for running or walking in a gym or at home, being able to do this exercise whenever you want. They are used mainly by athletes when they need intense preparation. The treadmills are equipped with shock absorbers to preserve the knees during exercise and improve comfort during sports. Some users use the treadmill to walk more or less fast, each one uses it according to their preferences.

Benefits of using a treadmill

The tape optimizes the race. Running on a cushioned treadmill is not only easier than running on hard asphalt, it is also consistent with the biomechanical requirements of the race. The treadmill has a motor that does not require the user to make an extra effort at their natural pace, nor will it have extra resistance to the air generated when we move. If we need to raise the level, we can incline the treadmill, thus imitating air resistance and hill climbing in an outdoor circuit. The base of the tape adapts to all the sports training projects of each user, also giving a fun running effect.

Best cheap treadmills

The treadmill helps us find fitness. Unlike harder surfaces, such as roads and trails where cartilage and joints are stressed more, a treadmill performs the simple and natural movement of the race while cushioning shocks. This feature can even allow people with reduced mobility or who are following a rehabilitation program after an injury or accident to use this gymnastic apparatus, mobilizing their body safely.

When following a bodybuilding program, the treadmill helps to warm up and train the muscles before lifting weights with dumbbells.

It can be installed anywhere and practice sports at any time. If you have a treadmill at home, you can train at any time without any worry and without being bothered by the weather or cars, you will not suffer the inconvenience of urban pollution either. This device can be deployed in a few seconds and it will be fully operational. When buying a treadmill to practice at home for a budget equivalent to being enrolled in a gym for a few months, it will pay off in an average period of 6 to 8 months of use.

Improve stamina. If we walk or run every time we want to at the desired pace with a treadmill, in a short time we will be able to increase our resistance and we will be able to endure exercising longer or increase speed.

Taking into account that training on a treadmill is extremely motivating since we can notice progress after each session. We can do exercises regularly, for example three times a week, with this we will gradually increase the pace in each session. If we incline the tape one degree more we will increase the difficulty of the training.

It helps us burn fat. The first benefit that we notice when using a treadmill is the calorie burn achieved by exercising, we will not worry about the food we have had previously. After an average of 40 minutes of training, the body begins to use the reserves it has of fat, this helps us lose weight. Many of the treadmills that we can find on the market are equipped with a calorie counter, you can adjust the pace and the difficulty to help you lose the desired weight.

Exercising on a treadmill also stimulates our muscles in our legs, thighs, buttocks, abdominals, and even our backs. Our body is refining with the passage of time and we can get into those pants of the smallest size that we have abandoned in the closet.

By using more than two-thirds of the muscles in our body, treadmills manage to eliminate more calories than with any other cardio device. It is the perfect solution to lose that extra weight, but we also have to help with an adapted diet.

Treadmill classes

We can find several types of treadmills on the market, we must choose our type according to our needs.

Manual or magnetic treadmills

This type of treadmill does not need to be plugged in to electricity, they have no motorized or electrical parts, and they are more affordable for their low prices. The user makes the treadmill work by making the movement of walking or running, the tread rotates while walking or running. Therefore, the belt is powered by the movement of the wearer that influences speed by slowing down or accelerating its stroke. Rolling resistance is adjusted by getting closer or closer to the wheel’s magnetic jaw.

Motorized treadmills

These tapes do have an electric motor. These devices advance the band by themselves at the desired speed and do not require an extra effort on the part of the runner to make the tread work, this guarantees us a constant speed and inclination. The user can control the pace at a sustained speed and enjoy their training smoothly.

Motorized treadmills have many additional features, such as incline and programmable workouts, but these are not free and are generally more expensive and heavier.

Folding treadmills

Smaller than professional treadmills, they fold and unfold with ease and easy storage. They are designed to be light and compact but their features are often more limited.

How to choose the best treadmill for me?

Treadmills for beginners

When we start to exercise we must think a little about our physical abilities and what goals we want to achieve before choosing the treadmill we want to buy. We want to prepare for a race, lose weight, or improve fitness.

It is important to consider some practical aspects: Do we have space problems? What functionalities do we want to have? New technologies can also be included in this section in the era of smart mobile phones. Of course there is the question of what is our budget.

The major manufacturers have a wide range of treadmills dedicated to beginning users. Depending on our budget, we can find a treadmill, but we must bear in mind that we must spend at least € 200 to have a quality treadmill.

best treadmills

Professional treadmills

If you are an expert, you will want a treadmill that meets higher requirements. For starters, a tape with a greater weight to ensure stability. The maximum speed and the possibility of inclination will be important factors. Finally, define the functionalities necessary to achieve your goals, integrated programs, cardiovascular sensors, quality of the dashboard and good ergonomics.

Best treadmill buying guide

Belt motor

It is the centerpiece of the device, the power of the motor will determine its resistance and useful life of the device, depending on its use and the speed used. Aside from the user, the motor does most of the work, therefore it is necessary to opt for a motor that will stay the same for a long period of time. If the engine power is limited, it will overheat when forced to run at its maximum capacity, this will lead to breakdowns and repairs.

One of the elements to get an idea of the quality offered by the engine is to verify the duration of the warranty offered by the manufacturer. The longer the time, the better the quality.

The engine power is given in horsepower “HP”, we can also find notations of the maximum power of the belt continuously “HPC”, which gives us the maximum power that can be displayed by the machine for the duration of the exercise.

Two engines with the same power can have different useful lives, due to the quality of the parts used in their assembly.

As a general rule, a motor with 2 HP is sufficient for an occasional workout, 1.5 HP for walking and 2.5 HP for regular runners doing longer sessions.

Treadmill cushioning

It is a fundamental criterion because thanks to the joint damping system, the user will be more protected from trauma associated with the impact of running. In addition, cushioning directly affects comfort and the risk of injury.

We can find on the market a range of possibilities that reduce the impact of strides from 15 to 40%, some are even adjustable, allowing the desired level of cushioning desired during training.

For people who use the treadmill occasionally, a soft cushioning is sufficient, but for regular runners, the choice should be a model that offers good cushioning to give more rest to the stride.

Inclination of the treadmills

Most treadmills offer the ability to incline the tread to simulate a slope, as if it were a run in the open air. The incline can range up to 15%. The bearings that allow inclination are adjustable by hand in low-end models, while in high-end models they are electrically adjusted. There are even treadmills that can change the incline automatically depending on the program that is chosen.

To reproduce the phenomenon of resistance to air that is felt outside, it is advisable to incline the mat at least 1%.

Tape Weight

The weight of the treadmills can vary between 110 kg and 180 kg. The weight usually determines the stability and robustness of the device, in fact the weight is important, especially if you practice exercises intensely.


The dashboard of the treadmill is an item to consider. A wide screen and easy navigation are the best features of a good dashboard. The ergonomics of the table and the quality of its indications, such as the duration of the session, distance traveled, incline or number of calories consumed are the most interesting. Some models may be equipped with a USB connector for MP3 or Bluray. They can even come with a built-in voice coach to cheer you on during your workout.


Treadmills are designed to reach a maximum speed of 16 km / h, this speed is usually sufficient for most users and suitable for running or walking. However, for more experienced athletes, this speed may be limited and it is advisable for them to resort to more expensive models that reach speeds close to 20 km / h.


Some models of treadmills come equipped with a fan, sometimes built into the console to help cool it down during training. For appliances without a fan, do not forget to use them in ventilated rooms, preferably with a fan at the front.

Training features and programs

Many manufacturers have come to understand that the choice of a device with several built-in programs is now very important, cardiovascular exercise machines offer many programs to achieve the goals of the users. Whether it’s used for weight loss, stamina, or fitness.

Another useful feature is the amount of data that the software provides us, average speed, calories burned, duration of the race, distance traveled or the heartbeat.

Most of the devices are sold with a dozen programs installed on the device, but the advanced models can even be connected to smartphones offering the possibility to follow the evolution of the training.

Treadmill size

Most treadmills are between 100 and 152 cm long. If size is not very important when walking, it is when running. Regular runners are most comfortable on large, long bands for bigger strides.

It is the size of the footprint that the race space depends on. The wider and longer the band, the greater the race space.


In most cases, a treadmill uses a space that we need. In these cases investing in a device that can be easily stored is an essential criterion. The most basic models are also usually the most portable and less heavy than the most advanced machines.

Some devices can fit in a closet or can even be transported in the trunk of a car. For people who need to put away their device very frequently, the best option is the folding treadmill. But keep in mind that the devices being lighter, they will also be less stable.

Shutdown safety

Today’s electric treadmills are equipped with an automatic shutdown system that immediately stops the unit if the user falls. It is an essential feature for the elderly in rehabilitation or for the little ones in the house.


Long-term warranties are a guarantee of quality because they show us how much the manufacturer trusts their products. If you find a warranty of 6 months or a year, you should run away from them, because the quality of the machine is not so clear to the person who is selling it.

Treadmill price

Treadmills are sold more every day, this makes us have a wide range of devices on the market. We can find cheap treadmills for less than € 200 to the most professional treadmills that can cost more than € 4,000.

As a general rule, a treadmill with more features will have a higher price, it is best to find the right model for the use we are going to make of it.

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