Stationary bike: Which is the best of 2021?

The exercise bike is one of the most effective equipment in the gym for cardiovascular exercises. Its success is in the ease of use, adaptability and comfort. You can use it all year round even if it is hot or cold outside. It is ideal for burning calories, toning and complementing sports and therapeutic workouts.

There are several types of exercise bikes designed to fulfill different functions. When choosing which exercise bike to buy, the first thing you should be clear about is what use you are going to give it, since they have different characteristics that you must take into account to buy exactly the exercise bike you need.

First the most important

The stationary bike is the most popular cardio machine. If your goal is to lose weight, tone your legs or keep your body exercised without leaving home, this is certainly what you need. They take up little space, are simple to use and, depending on their model, can help you monitor the progress of your training.

If you think there is only one type of bike, get ready! Because you can choose between more than four types. The most common are simple exercise bikes, folding exercise bikes, elliptical bikes and sppinning bikes.

Among the different exercise bikes there are characteristics that differentiate them, for example their design, size, stability, resistance system, flywheel and monitoring. Therefore, when it comes to choosing an exercise bike, the first thing to do is ask yourself what use you are going to give it.

The best exercise bikes: Our favorites

Due to its popularity, there are numerous brands, types and models of exercise bikes on the market. To help you have a good overview of the available market, we present you the 5 best options in exercise bike models currently available on Amazon.

Marcy’s stationary bike

Marcy is one of the two best-selling brands in exercise bikes today and the user ratings are all excellent. This bike offers eight programmed levels of manually adjustable magnetic resistance control to simulate various types of exercises.

The quality of the folding upright bike is optimal. It is made of very resistant 14 gauge materials, offering the user high quality, durability and resistance, as well as comfort. It features weighted pedals and adjustable foot straps, as well as a wide, soft seat made from adjustable foam.

Marcy’s ME-709 Exercise Bike

The design of this bicycle allows the user to exercise in a very comfortable position. Its seat adjusts to the body and the distance of the pedals can also be adjusted for a perfect adaptation to the user’s dimensions, it also has a backrest. It is made of steel so it is very resistant and durable.

It has a magnetic resistance system with eight preset resistance levels to progress in training. It’s stylish and compact for the home, doesn’t take up much space, and comes in black, gray, and copper.

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness ranks among the best brands. The main value of the Premium Cycling bicycle is its 18 kg flywheel, the heavier the flywheel, the more fluid the pedaling, so this bicycle has no comparison in terms of speed and stability, regardless of the level. resistance.

It is elegant and both the seat, pedals and handlebars are adjustable to suit you. It has micro adjustable resistance with pressure braking system, this system allows you to use different levels of tension, allowing you to increase the intensity of the exercise and burn more calories. Resistance is adjusted just by turning a knob.

Marcy Upright Magnetic Cycle Exercise Bike

Marcy’s Upright Magnetic Cycle is an option that is sure to prove satisfactory. This bicycle allows intense exercises and assumes challenges in training without involving great costs. The training can be monitored through a comfortable interface screen that marks the time, speed, distance and calories burned.

It is a very compact, comfortable and silent model. Although it is light, it has a wheel system that facilitates its transport. Its seat and height are adjustable so it offers precision in the position of the body.

Shopping guide

If you want to buy an exercise bike, you should know some details so that you can choose the ideal one. In this buying guide you will find information about the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and which variables to take into account when choosing your bicycle. We will also tell you where to get the best deals.

What is an exercise bike?

This machine consists of a system that emulates regular bicycles, having the seat, pedals and handlebars arranged in the same way. But the difference is that exercise bikes do not move, they are stationary. So if we talk about losing weight and strengthening legs, we are talking about the exercise bike.

It is easy to use, comfortable, effective and adapts to spaces, ideal for those who prefer to stay at home instead of cycling outside or going to the gym. It can be used any day of the year whether the snow is falling or the sun is hot. In addition, it is perfect for those who cannot keep their balance.

What advantages does the exercise bike offer?

Exercising on an exercise bike provides numerous benefits, it helps to keep your body active and healthy. It helps you burn calories and, accompanied by a proper diet, is the best ally to lose weight. It also contributes to the strengthening of the lower body muscles so you can have perfect legs.

In addition, guided by a specialist, the exercise bike can be part of treatments and health therapies to improve the symptoms of diseases such as arthritis, circulation or some back ailments.


Helps improve cardiovascular rhythm

Contributes to burning calories

Increases blood pressure

Leg muscles are toned and flexible

Benefits the waist and buttocks

Contributes to better digestion


Burns fewer calories than running on the treadmill

The exercise is focused only on the lower body

It can become monotonous

Simple, Folding, Elliptical or Spinning Exercise Bike – What Should You Pay Attention to?

Each exercise bike has technical characteristics that differentiate them from each other and that are decisive in choosing the ideal one. We tell you about the different types that you can get in the market, so that you take all the necessary considerations.

Simple exercise bike. Its objective is to simulate the normal bicycle ride so its seat is wider which implies greater comfort. Sitting comfortably reduces fatigue and prolongs exercise time, which means more calories burned. It is the ideal for people who have just started training.

Folding exercise bike. It is the smallest and lightest, so its greatest advantage is that it takes up very little space but without reducing its effectiveness. Although it might not be ideal for tall or very heavy people, it is comfortable and stable for people of average height and weight as it has a comfortable seat and some also have a backrest.

Elliptical bike. It is designed to be used standing up although the movement is pedaling and not walking. It has two sidebars that you grip with your hands, so it also exercises your arms. Due to its requirement, it is ideal for people with previous training, therefore they tend to be more expensive than traditional static ones.

Spinning bike. It is the most famous of the gyms. It is very similar to conventional road or road bicycles so the body posture adopts that shape and the pedaling is fast, therefore they are ideal for people with a lot of energy to burn and for professionals

Are accessories important?

Although the size, stability and weight of the steering wheel are the most determining factors in choosing an exercise bike, the details are no less important, that is, the accessories that will make the training experience much more satisfactory and effective.

Bottle holder. Make sure that the bike you choose has a bottle holder. These are receivers in which standard-size bottles fit, and they help you because when you hydrate you will not have to interrupt your training to find water.

Monitoring console. Another important element is the monitoring console to control your training. These can check various aspects, such as distance traveled, speed and time, among others. If you require specialized monitoring, make sure it includes all the variables you need.

How to take care of your exercise bike?

Like any machine, continuous maintenance is necessary to guarantee the durability and aesthetics of the device. If you treat the team carelessly then they will surely not perform as ideally. So we tell you some details that you should watch out to take care of your exercise bike.

Dry it after each session. Being a training equipment, it will be constantly exposed to sweat, so every time you finish your routine clean the parts with a cloth, with that you will avoid staining or corroding.

Protect it from the elements. It is not recommended that the machine be exposed to the sun and the weather all the time. It’s fine if you take it out to the patio or balcony for your daily routine, but you should put it away later. Cold, heat, rain and sun are elements that can harm its parts and limit its useful life.

Check its operation. You should also be attentive to the operation of the pieces and the noises that appear. It is normal for some parts to wear or loosen with use, therefore it is important that you periodically maintain your equipment or ask a technician to do it.

How much does an exercise bike cost?

Along with treadmills, exercise bikes have become the most common fitness machine to have at home. Its comfort and efficiency make its demand increasingly high, which is why many brands and models have appeared on the market, making the offer wide and attractive.

It is possible to get stationary bikes for up to 4,000 MXN but we have already explained that each type of bicycle has particular characteristics that influence the type of training and, of course, the cost.

With such a wide price range, do not doubt that you can get an exercise bike that fully adapts to your needs and your budget and that it will be a quality product. It is possible that you can get a very good option between 4,000 MXN and 12,000 MXN.

Where to buy an exercise bike?

Although they are specialized machines, their popularity and accessibility allow you to acquire them both in sports stores in your city and in department stores located near you, such as Walmart, Sears or Elektra.

But if you are one of those who prefer to save the trip to the store and all the details of the transfer of the equipment, you can make your purchase online on trusted websites that offer very good prices such as Amazon, Ebay, Mercado libre, among others.

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