The 5 Best Elliptical Bikes – Buying Guide

The elliptical  is a long-standing fitness machine in commercial gyms and has become very popular as a home fitness machine as well. You may have thought about buying a home exercise machine and considered the option of a treadmill or stationary bike , but you fear your knees will suffer from running or pedaling. Or maybe you are looking for a device that allows you to exercise your upper body as well as your legs. Ellipticals are an excellent option in these cases because they allow a very complete cardio exercise with low impact on the joints , both for legs and arms. and torso. Elliptical bikes are therefore a very good option for people of any fitness level. You may have some doubts when deciding to buy one:

How much they cost?

How much space does an elliptical take?

What muscles does it work?

How is it different from other fitness machines?

In this guide and analysis we try to answer these and other common doubts that we also had about elliptical bikes.

Comparative table of the best quality-price elliptical bikes on the market

Here is a comparison table with the main characteristics of the elliptical bikes that we have selected to help you decide which elliptical to buy. Note : if you are viewing the comparison from a mobile or tablet you can slide it to the right and left to see the rest of the table.

Features to consider when buying an elliptical bike

Stride length


Stride length varies from machine to machine. If you are tall this can be a key factor for you, do not buy an elliptical with a too short stride in this case.

Resistance system and flywheel


Two options: friction or magnetic. Magnetic: silent and with a more natural pedaling but it is more expensive. Due to friction, it is cheaper but less durable and less silent, due to wear and tear. The flywheel: the heavier the more resistance , so choose a light one (≤ 7 Kg) if you are a beginner and a heavier one (> 7 Kg) if you are more experienced.

Console and connectivity


Do you have pre-installed training programs ? What information does it give you about sessions? Does it connect to your tablet or mobile ?

Analysis of the 5 best elliptical bikes

The market is full of options of all kinds and it is difficult to know where to start in order to choose the elliptical that best suits your profile. To help you with that, we have been doing research for you to create an analysis with the best ellipticals you can find on the market in value for money.

5 Sportstech CX640

This German company tends to measure the balance between the price of its products and their quality very well. The Sportstech CX640 is a mid-range elliptical that offers performance worthy of a higher range.sportstech cx640

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For starters, the Sportstech CX640 uses a computer- controlled magnetic brake system for more precision and a 24 kg flywheel that, together with its 16 resistance levels, allows both gentle and really demanding workouts with pedaling that is always fluid and natural , so if you are an advanced user this machine will be up to you. With a 420mm stride it is suitable for a wide range of heights, both for shorter and taller users. The Sportstech CX64 elliptical also incorporates the following features:

Handheld heart rate monitor on the grips and possibility of connection with chest heart rate monitors.

Support to hold tablet or phone.

Bluetooth connection.

Possibility of linking your device through apps (Kinomap) to enjoy functionalities such as virtual tours using Google Street View.

It has a handheld heart rate monitor on the grips and the possibility of connecting with chest heart rate monitors. In addition, the Sportstech CX640 offers support for a tablet or phone and a bluetooth connection with which you can link your device through apps (Kinomap) to enjoy functionalities such as virtual tours using Google Street View. And if you also have a smart TV to connect your device to, you will have an even more realistic experience.

See opinions of users who have already bought it

The best

Robust and stable.  Pro -level flywheel.  Very quiet.


Does not include chest heart rate monitor.  The bluetooth connection may be unstable.

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4 BH Quick

The BH Fitness brand has the BH Quick model in its range of ellipticals. The BH Quick elliptical is a perfect elliptical model to have at home due to its relatively small size and its light structure, weighing only 36Kg.Elliptical BH Quick.  The best ellipticals

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The BH Quick is a magnetic resistance elliptical designed for occasional users who want to exercise at home in a moderate way. Its flywheel is 8 Kg, so do not expect great resistance and hardness when using it, although it does have a wheel to adjust intensity. Some more details about the BH Quick :

Handheld heart rate monitor (on fixed grips).

Multifunction LCD screen.

8 levels of adjustable intensity.

See opinions of users who have already bought it

The best

Wide stride.  Silent.  Lightweight and compact.


Flywheel somewhat light.  It may be a bit short for more advanced users.

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3  ProGear 9900

The ProGear 9900 may not be an elliptical in the strictest sense of the word, but it packs special features that may be of interest to many users.progear 9900

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This machine is a hybrid between a step machine and an elliptical. As an elliptical, it has a very short stride of 280mm , somewhat reminiscent of a stepper, so taller users may feel uncomfortable using it. And its grips are not mobile so the work of the upper body is reduced to the abdomen. If the limitations I describe above are not an issue for you, the ProGear 9900 is a machine with interesting features. It has a 13 kg inertia wheel that is exposed to the air, that is, you see it roll in front of you, and a magnetic brake system. This makes its hardness sufficient for both beginner and mid-level users.they are in good shape. The fact that it has such a small stride and that the grips do not move gives it the advantage, compared to other ellipticals, of being really compact , so if you are looking for a small elliptical for home this may be an interesting option. It also has a very low center of gravity, which makes it very stable. Other things to highlight:


Connection to the myCloudFitness app , which allows you to track your progress online and set goals for your workouts.

The ProGear 9900 is a great machine for low to medium intensity cardio workouts and maintains the advantage of ellipticals by having very low impact on the joints while exercising muscles and helping to lose fat.

See opinions of users who have already bought it

The best

Very compact and stable.  Has connection to training apps.


The grips do not move so the arms are not exercised.  Short stride.

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2  Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0

Bluefin is an English fitness equipment company that offers quality mid-range products at reasonable prices. The Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 is an elliptical designed for occasional users who want to perform low or medium intensity cardio sessions comfortably at home.Bluefin curv 2.0

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It uses a magnetic brake system , very silent , and has a 12 kg flywheel , enough for medium intensity sessions but it can be a bit short if you want to do HIIT (high intensity) training. Expert users will see that when pedaling at very high speeds the 12 kg of the flywheel may not be enough, however it is more than enough for a fluid pedaling experience for beginner or intermediate users. The Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 is a relatively small elliptical machineFor very tall users, their stride may be a bit tight and their knees touch the front grab bars. For most, however, its size will not be a problem. Additional features of the Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 :

Handheld heart rate monitor on the grips to read your heart rate.

Panel with basic information about your training: time , distance , heart rate and calories consumed.


Possibility of extending its functionalities through an app like Kinomap, which also allows you to take virtual tours and save your achievements.

See opinions of users who have already bought it

The best

Small size.  Silent.  Connectivity with fitness apps.


Short stride length for tall users.

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1 Sportstech CX608

The German brand Sportstech once again offers the Sportstech CX608 elliptical a product with an excellent quality-price ratio.sportstech cx608

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It has a magnetic resistance brake mechanism thanks to which there is no friction between parts to vary its resistance, which makes it a very silent elliptical and increases its durability. It has a 12 kg flywheel , which makes it a good option for medium-level users, as well as beginners , providing 8 different levels of resistance that vary from the lightest and easiest to the most demanding. The CX608 is a very stable elliptical machine , and despite that it is relatively smallso, although it is not foldable, it will not be difficult for you to find a space at home to use it. It also has transport wheels to make it easier for you to move it from one side to the other. The Sportstech CX608 also has these features:

Handheld heart rate monitor on the grips.

Support to hold your smartphone or tablet.


Connection to your tablet or smartphone through apps like Kinomap, which will multiply the possibilities of the machine, with extras such as virtual tours or sharing and saving achievements.

The Sportstech CX608 elliptical is therefore a very complete machine and for its price a great option for most users.

See opinions of users who have already bought it

The best

Silent.  Connectivity to fitness apps.  Good technical service.


Taller users may find their stride length too short.

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The best-selling ellipticals

It is possible that you have not been convinced by any of the ellipticals in our ranking or that due to the high demand they are sold out, that is why I have prepared this updated selection of the best-selling elliptical bikes right now on Amazon :

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PROACTION BH Quick Elliptical Trainer.  Inertial system 8kg.  Magnetic brake.  Stretch 36cm….

PROACTION BH Quick Elliptical Trainer. System…



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gridinlux.  ELIPTIC 1500 Trainer. Multifunctional elliptical for home.  Double Handlebar…

gridinlux. Trainer ELIPTIC 1500. Bicycle…



Sportstech Premium Elliptical Bike for Home |  German Quality Brand |  Live Events,…

Sportstech Premium Elliptical Bicycle for Home |…



Schwinn Fitness 510E Bicicleta elíptica, Unisex-Adult, Negro/Rojo, One Size

Schwinn Fitness 510E Elliptical Trainer,…


Shopping guide. Make no mistake when choosing the best elliptical for you.

An elliptical bike is an excellent investment, but before buying one you want to make sure of all the features that make up a good machine. Although they are generally similar in design (two platforms for your feet and a pair of cranks to grip you), ellipticals differ greatly from each other in terms of features, build quality, and strength level, among others. Here we are going to expose all the keys so that you make the best possible purchase.

Common questions about elliptical bikes:

What elliptical to buy?

Many functionsThis is the million dollar question and that is why you are here. And the answer, as you will suppose, is: it depends. In our ranking we have tried to select various options because each user has different needs. Think about how much money you want to spend, how much space you have at home, what is your stride length… all this will close the fence and make it easier for you to choose which elliptical bike to buy.

What is the price of an elliptical?


A domestic elliptical bike can cost from 150 to around 1000 euros , although of course you will find even more expensive models. They differ of course in performance, stability and build quality. So you have to be very clear about your budget to know which models to look at.

What is the size of an elliptical?

Strong Without Gym Size

The ellipticals for home measure on average (and with variations depending on the model) around 1,500 x 650 mm (width x length) and have a height of around 1,600mm. With these measurements you can get an idea of the space you will need for an elliptical but check those of each specific model to make sure. Due to their mechanism and structure, most are not collapsible , so make sure you have enough space at home.

How often and intensity are you going to use your elliptical?

Speed Marker

This point also includes what your fitness level is and what intensity you want to achieve in your workouts.

If you want to use the elliptical only a few times a week, at low or medium intensity , as a way to maintain some activity and help you lose weight, you may consider cheap elliptical models with a less heavy flywheel.

If you are otherwise looking for a high intensity, more challenging and hard form of training you should consider options with a heavier flywheel and a more stable and stronger frame. These models tend to have a higher price but the most demanding users will notice the difference.

Elliptical bike vs stationary bike vs treadmill

elliptical vs bike vs strong belt without gym

On the elliptical trainer, the body’s own weight makes the feet remain fixed on the pedals following a natural movement, which mimics cross-country skiing , without the need to put an excessive load on the joints. This avoids pain and exhaustion and enables longer training sessions and more frequent use of the machine.

In addition, the movement of the elliptical involves both the lower and upper body , so it manages to work the whole body very efficiently and at any intensity. Its movement puts very little pressure on the joints, allowing it to be used more often without problems. All these characteristics make it especially effective as a weight loss tool.

An exercise bike is mainly used to do cardio at medium or low intensity at home, so they do not require a very complex structure and can be small in size and even be foldable. On a stationary bike you only work your legs.

The ellipticals are larger than stationary bikes and in many cases this can be a determining factor. Its wingspan and mechanics make it difficult to find a folding elliptical machine.

On a treadmill cardio work at any intensity even at high intensities can put potentially affect the joints of those less experienced users. It is a more unstable exercise because you have to stay within the width available on the treadmill and it works mainly the lower body (legs).

How to choose the best elliptical. Features you should check:

1. Flywheel weight

flywheel drawingThe flywheel of our elliptical is the disk that we rotate when we move in the machine. Its weight greatly influences the quality of our experience pedaling on the elliptical. If it is heavier you will have a more continuous pedaling, a more fluid movement sensation , but it is also a harder pedaling. Lighter flywheels lead to less controlled and fluid pedaling, but they are intended for beginners and at low speeds the difference is negligible. As you might already guess, a heavier flywheel makes the elliptical more expensive, but also bigger and heavier. So you do not have to look for the largest flywheel but the one that offers you a machine that is more balanced between size and efficiency.

Indicative table of the different weights in flywheels and the recommended user profile for each weight range:

Flywheel weight User profile

2-7 Kg Beginners, occasional users, for cardio exercises.

7-9 Kg Beginners, use often, long time.

9-14 Kg Average user, fit, looking to improve their brands.

≧15 Kg For experienced users who want the best high intensity training experience.

2. Type of resistance

sizeElliptical machines achieve different types of resistance when pedaling thanks to different brake technologies:

Magnetic resistance

It works by magnets. It uses an electromagnetic system, so it does not need contact between the different parts involved. When the force of attraction of the magnets on the flywheel increases, the resistance increases and therefore you have to apply more force to your exercise , and when the force of attraction decreases, pedaling is smoother. Its advantage is the absence of friction , which increases the fluidity of the movement and the durability of the machine. They are also much quieter.

Electromagnetic resistance

The magnets are fixed. If the resistance is raised, the electric current increases and with it the force of the magnets. This system allows fewer moving parts and is more sophisticated.

Standard magnetic resistance

Resistance is produced by moving the magnets , moving them closer to or away from the flywheel. The closer, the stronger the magnetic field and therefore more resistance.

Flywheel with magnetic resistance – Magnets near and far

Friction resistance

In friction resistance, some brake shoes rub against the flywheel to increase or decrease the hardness of the movement in the elliptical. It is used in cheaper elliptical bicycles and although it can work very well, it has its drawbacks: the main one is that friction can cause problems due to the possible wear of the parts that rub against each other , making periodic maintenance of the device more necessary.

3. Stride length

sizeCheck that the elliptical you choose fits the length of your stride. For tall people it is reasonable that the machine offers about 50 cm of stride, much better if it is adjustable to have more flexibility.

4. Robustness and quality of materials

sizeAn elliptical, like any fitness machine, is going to receive heavy use , even if you are a novice user. It will support your weight along with a continuous and prolonged movement over time, of greater or lesser intensity. This means that the materials from which it is made have to be durable and have a resistant design. You may not have much space at home and you want a small elliptical and in that case you should look for a device that offers a balance between lightness and robustness. Don’t necessarily look for the cheapest elliptical. There are small, well-built options at a good price. Regardless of the quality of the materials, you will need to lubricate your elliptical periodically. Many people forget this important step and after a few months complain that their product is noisy or that it is damaged. Good lubrication will prevent most of these problems.

5. Control panel and connectivity options

sizeIt is important to check what information about your training the control panel of your elliptical offers you (distance, stride speed, session time, heart rate…). Check if it has a heart rate monitor included or is compatible with a heart rate monitor you already have. Some elliptical bikes connect to your phone or tablet via bluetooth or USB cable and thus increase their possibilities. You can save and share your progress, as well as take virtual tours to make your sessions more enjoyable and fun.

How to use an elliptical

Ellipticals are great cardio tools , if you know how to use them. This is a small guide to use, but remember that each machine is different and each person too, these instructions are intended to show only a general idea.Elliptical Usage Illustration

Step 1 Position

Stand on the pedals. Line up your feet , as most machines will have large pedals to accommodate feet of any size. Straighten your back and hold on tightly to the grab bars.

Step 2 Movement

Now that you have prepared yourself on the machine, it is time to move :

Pedal forward. To start pedaling, slightly bend your knees and keep them bent throughout the movement, since keeping your legs straight would make movement difficult. This flex also causes you to maintain a constant tension on your quads , maximizing the efficiency of your workout.

Step 3 Adjust the resistance and incline

As you move, you can adjust the resistance of your elliptical until you feel the level of intensity you want.

Some ellipticals also have the option to adjust the incline to make the exercise more difficult and effective. If yours has this option, try varying the incline in small increments, gradually.

Step 4 Explore your dashboard

Check which exercise programs are pre-installed on the elliptical and try to finish one that suits your level. Observe the data provided by the machine to better control your sessions: speed, time, heart rate…

Step 5 Continue until your session is complete

Adjust the duration of your session to your level of experience. The more you use the machine, the longer your sessions can last because your body will adapt little by little. Be consistent but don’t overexert yourself unnecessarily.

Extra tip: pedal backwards too

Most machines give you the option of pedaling backwards as well. In this way you will work different muscle groups , which will be a great complement to your sessions. It feels a little weird at first but if you are consistent you will get up to speed quickly. Remember that to see results the most important thing is to be consistent with your workouts. Then you just have to enjoy yourself , get in shape and lose weight, if you need it, while having fun.

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