The best elliptical bikes to do sports without leaving home

Exercising your body will help you improve your physical condition. Discover the best elliptical bikes to improve your cardiovascular health and exercise easily at home

Have an elliptical bike at home? It is not only possible, but also recommended. It is a very practical and versatile gym device that gives us the possibility to do sports in a comprehensive way and to get in shape quickly. In fact, it is ideal for burning fat and losing weight , to tone the muscles of the body as a whole and to improve our cardiovascular endurance. In addition, it takes up little space, is easy to use and is not harmful to the joints.

The best example is this Ultrasport bike. We have chosen it as the best exercise bike of the moment thanks to the excellent opinions given by its users, as well as its computer with a screen, its integrated heart rate monitor and its comfortable saddle. However, the second-place Sportstech elliptical bike also deserves a special mention for its special features like its tablet and smartphone mount. Two highly recommended alternatives for exercising at home.

The best, our pick: Exercise bike with Ultrasport pulse sensors

Thanks to the 4.3 out of 5 average mark that it already has 60% of maximum scores , this is the best elliptical bike of the Ultrasport brand according to the opinions of Amazon customers. “It is a stationary bike with hand pulse sensors to comfortably monitor the heart rate. I use it without a backrest, but you can attach one to it ”says David about her. For his part, Miguel affirms that “It is a home gym machine with an intelligent control panel. Very easy to use and install ”.

This unisex folding elliptical bike has been made of metal (80%) and plastic (20%). It is designed for users weighing a maximum of 100 kg and allows you to comfortably choose between 8 different resistance levels thanks to its magnetic brake. In addition, through the screen of your console it is possible to manage its operation in real time and check the values of distance traveled, calories consumed, speed and time. In addition, it includes a height-adjustable handlebar with a heart rate monitor , pedals with an adjustable strap and a very comfortable extra padded saddle.

Second option: Elliptical bike with Sportstech tablet holder

If you are looking for a complete cardiovascular training to strengthen muscles and improve your health, you have found it, since with this elliptical bike, in addition to the most effective cardio exercise, you can also work the main muscle groups. You can control your training with the multifunction console compatible with application that will allow you to control everything through your smartphone or tablet. This multifunction console has 22 pre-installed training programs along with 5 additional HRC programs, ensuring a great variety for your exercise plan.

“Excellent product that complies with everything advertised and works perfectly. It is very easy to assemble thanks to the manuals in all languages and with diagrams and drawings that make things easier. In addition, it includes the necessary tools for assembly. In short: a ten “, says Ricardo, who has been one of the people who have bought this product through Amazon and has given it 5 stars. This has been done by 51% of people, achieving a rating of 4.1 out of 5.

Alternative: Sportstech Home Elliptical Bike

The Sportstech home elliptical cross trainer features a multi-function console compatible with Bluetooth applications and a tablet holder, with which to have all the important information at hand at a glance. In addition, its training system is very quiet and incorporates a magnetic braking system.

“We love its design, stability and variety of programs. The assembly takes a while and you have to follow the instructions very well, but once assembled everything was perfect. We had a small glitch with the app, which was not recognized by the phone and by The iPad, we contacted the technical service and they solved it immediately. In short, a very good purchase , we recommend it 100% “, says Óscar happily, who was encouraged to buy this elliptical bike when he saw its evaluation of 3 , 5 out of 5

Gridinlux multifunctional elliptical home bicycle

This multifunctional elliptical bike has an ergonomic and non-slip double handlebar that offers better results in upper body training. In addition, it has highly sensitive heart rate sensors for total control during exercise. It also incorporates large non – slip pedals designed to leave the minimum distance between the feet and favor the correct position during exercise. It has 8 resistance levels that you can select to adjust it to the exercise you want, and its LCD screen with front navigator helps you to have control of your training, knowing in real time the distance traveled, calories burned and speed and heart rate.

Laura is one of the people who have bought this elliptical bike through Amazon, where it has a rating of 3.4 out of 5 : “I find it very practical if what you are looking for is to do some exercise comfortably at home. The value for money -Price is very adequate. I had a problem because a defective screw was coming and, after writing to the seller, I had it in my house two days later. A great attention “.

TecTake elliptical bike

The main characteristics of the TecTake elliptical cross trainer are, among others, its non-slip surface, its padded polyurethane foam grips , its continuously adjustable resistance or its clamping bars, which can be mounted rigid or flexible. In addition, a multifunction console with easy-to-read LCD screen is incorporated to monitor performance.

The evaluation of this ideal elliptical bike for home is a 3 out of 5. Paco has been one of the people who have bought this product and has written a review with his opinion: ” Elliptical bike with saddle. Normally ellipticals do not have a saddle and in this case it is a good addition, since it comes in handy to change between posture while you exercise. It’s simple, but good value for money. It requires mounting the legs, pedals, saddle and arms. It is a very complete device and a superior quality for the price it has. It is worth your purchase. “

KLAR FIT elliptical bike

The Klar Fit elliptical trainer is ideal for the home, as it takes up little space , and its main features include its pulse meter for precise power controls on the training computer and its quick installation thanks to the detailed and illustrated assembly instructions.

Adri has been one of the people who have bought it through Amazon: “It has a fabulous value for money. After a couple of weeks of use I can say that for a beginner training it is more than enough. It has a pretty good finish. And best of all, it’s practically silent. So far, a purchase of ten. ” The rating is 3 out of 5 among the people who have bought this elliptical bike.

Elliptical trainer with LCD display Physionics

The Physionics Air Walker elliptical bike is designed to improve general mobility while respecting the joints, and has a load capacity of 100 kilos. The digital control monitor that includes the equipment will allow you to improve your physical condition thanks to a great design and the available functions, ideal to include them in your fitness training routines.

The evaluation of this elliptical bike is 3.5 out of 5. Silvia is one of the people who has bought one of these bikes and says that she is “happy with this purchase that has a great value for money. family we use it daily “.

UnfadeMemory recumbent elliptical cross trainer

This sturdy, extra-large magnetic recumbent bike is the best choice for exercising at home. It is equipped with a steering wheel and 8 resistance levels that can be selected through an LCD screen. It also has an adjustable saddle and a tablet holder so that you can watch, for example, a movie during your training.

This elliptical cross trainer is ergonomically designed and its thick, padded saddle offers you very comfortable use for as long as you need it. When it is finished using it, it can be transported to the place of the house that you prefer thanks to its wheels, ideal for moving it anywhere without effort.

How much cardio time do I need to lose weight?

The National Institute of Health recommends at least 30 to 45 minutes of moderate intensity exercise three to five days a week, but you can maximize your sessions by alternating high and low intensity workouts every day. An example would be exercising 5 days a week alternating the intensities each day and exercising no more than two consecutive days to allow the body time to recover.

Is it convenient to do an elliptical bike every day?

Probably not. As we have already mentioned, it is best to exercise 4 to 5 days a week with a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes at high intensity. Overtraining is one of the most common mistakes people make. “If one hour is good, 3 must be better, right?” Incorrect. Rest must always be respected and if you want to achieve more depth, you have to focus more on intensity, not duration.

Mistakes we make in the gym when training

It is very likely that, when you read this, you will identify if not one, several common mistakes that almost all of us have made when we have gone to the gym:

Skipping warm-up and cool-down

Whether your workout is 10, 30, or 60 minutes, you can’t forget about the warm-up and cool-down. The warm-up will do just that, warm up your body and prepare your muscles for the work ahead. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, a simple 10 minute routine working all muscle groups is perfect. The same time that you will have to dedicate to cool down, which in this case will be done through stretching, holding the postures for 10 to 30 seconds.

Do the same thing every time you go to the gym

When you start out in a gym, running a mile or lifting 10 kilos can be difficult, but as you continue to do those exercises, they become easier because your body gets used to it. Therefore, it is very important to progress in speed, distance or weight , since in addition to seeing better results, it is also less likely that you will get bored of always doing the same thing.

Failure to clean machines or equipment

It’s easy to walk into an area and forget to clean our machine, but most of the time, it seems like people blatantly choose not to take the extra ten seconds it takes to get it clean for the next person to use it. It’s not about being nice, that too, but about maintaining gym hygiene. So the next time you hit the gym make sure to clean everything you use , from exercise equipment to weights to benches.

Training without being aware of your physical form

Trying to lift weights too fast or with too much weight can lead to injury, so it is very important to seek advice from a personal trainer or specialist.

The goals you are setting are unrealistic

When it comes to choosing fitness goals, it is recommended to propose specific, measurable, achievable and time-bound goals. When we are able to correctly set those goals, we can better determine the appropriate action to achieve them.

How to choose an elliptical bike and what to consider before buying one?

According to the opinions on elliptical bicycles analyzed, these are the purchase factors that we must consider before purchasing one:

Manufacturing materials : aluminum elliptical bikes are the best on the market. There are also those with a steel structure that are heavier and cheaper.

Safety : the appliance must be able to be perfectly fixed to the ground by means of a non-slip support. The weight of the flywheel must be sufficient (10-12 kg) to do this.

The brake : it can be magnetic or electromagnetic. The latter is exclusive to the best elliptical bikes and allows more precise regulation and higher intensity levels.

Screen : through it we can easily control speed, pace, calories, etc.

Height-adjustable handlebar : in order to adapt its position to our physical complexion. In addition, it should offer a cushioned and comfortable grip.

Noise : A quiet elliptical trainer emits between 25 and 30 dB or less at full performance.

Programs : to vary the training and enjoy sessions focused on the goal we want to achieve (fat burning, cardiovascular resistance, etc.).

Extras : it doesn’t hurt to have an exercise bike with a tablet or mobile support, a heart rate monitor and a bottle holder.

Elliptical bike price : we can buy a folding model for between 150 and 200 euros. There are also conventional exercise bikes with very good value for money for between 250 and 350 euros.

Brands : Ultrasport, ISE and Klar Fit are benchmarks in the manufacture of elliptical bicycles.

What is an elliptical bike?

An elliptical bike is a unisex gym equipment that we can also have at home and that is used to lose weight, train our cardiovascular system and improve our resistance. It gets that name because it has two foot pedals that mimic the circular motion we make when riding a bike. However, it lacks a saddle and must be used standing up. It also has two vertical bars that allow us to give impulse to pedaling with our hands.

What is an elliptical bike for?

A gym elliptical machine of this type is used to:

Burn fat.

Lose weight.

Improve blood circulation and the functioning of the cardiovascular system as a whole.

Increase physical endurance.

Strengthen the muscles of the legs and arms mainly and that of the abdomen and back to a lesser extent.

Photo: Folding exercise bikes for pedaling at home

The best folding exercise bikes for exercising at home


An elliptical cross trainer suitable for indoor spaces is the ideal gym equipment for people with joint problems and / or who are overweight. This is because the movement performed with it does not impact the ankles, knees and hips. In addition, there is no risk of feet coming off the pedals as there is on stationary bikes. Therefore, its use carries almost no risk of injury.

How does an elliptical bike work?

Any professional elliptical bike consists of the following parts:

Non-slip pedals : they offer a sufficient surface for the entire foot and are responsible for moving the flywheel or inertia disk.

Inertia flywheel : it is located in the lower rear part of the device and is generally protected with an airtight plastic structure. The user, when pedaling, makes it turn as if it were the chainring of the transmission system of a conventional bike.

Braking system : there are elliptical bicycles with a magnetic brake that use conventional magnets and with an electromagnetic brake that use elements that are magnetized by electrical impulses. This element is responsible for exerting resistance against the rotation of the flywheel and, therefore, for stiffening the user’s pedaling.

Base : usually, it consists of a fixed rear bar and a front bar with wheels to facilitate the movement of the appliance. It is also non-slip to keep it firmly fixed to the ground.

Arm Bars – These are connected to the pedals. They allow the user to give impulse to the pedaling with their hands.

Power regulator : used to adjust the resistance that the brake will exert on the inertia disc.

Console : only available on the best elliptical bikes on the market. It allows to adjust all the operating parameters of the device and shows information about the user’s performance through a practical screen.

Accessories : a bottle holder and, in some cases, a mobile phone holder.

Get a complete exercise at home for your legs and arms with the help of an elliptical bike The operation of an elliptical cross trainer with intensity regulator is very simple. The user stands upright on the pedals and selects the desired level of resistance. Then, hold the arm bars with your hands and begin the circular motion with your feet. This leads to the rotation of the flywheel, which must overcome the resistance imposed by the brake.

What kinds of exercise bikes are there?

Beyond the different types of elliptical bikes for the home that exist, there are many others with a similar operating system:

Folding exercise bike : the cheapest. It offers the advantage of being able to fold on itself when it is not used for storage, taking up less space. They allow to regulate their resistance in a few levels and, generally, they lack a console and accessories.

Magnetic exercise bike without backrest : the most common and the one we are all used to seeing. They allow the user to sit on a very comfortable padded saddle while pedaling.

Spinning bike : or indoor cycle. It is a variant of the conventional stationary bike that allows you to grip the handlebar in three positions, pedal standing up and perform a higher intensity exercise. It is the one commonly used in spinning classes taught by gyms.

Reclining exercise bike : it does not have the pedals under the saddle, but under the handlebars. This means that the user has to pedal with the legs extended horizontally and in a more comfortable position. In fact, these stationary bikes do have backups. Otherwise, they are identical to the magnetic ones, although their movement is more suitable for people in rehabilitation and therapy processes.

Elliptical bike climbs stairs : it is practical just like a conventional elliptical bike. However, the movement of the feet is not done in a circular way, but up and down.

Stationary or elliptical bike?

Depends. These are the pros and cons of each of these cardiovascular monitoring devices:

Space : elliptical bikes are bulkier than stationary bikes.

Calories burned : elliptical bike exercise, by requiring the use of the upper body, is more complete and entails a greater calorie burn in less time.

Injury risks : practically non-existent in both cases. On stationary bikes there is a risk that the foot will come off the pedal and damage a joint. In contrast, ellipticals can strain the lower back by requiring standing.

Entertainment : this depends on the tastes of each user. However, when sitting, on stationary bikes it is more comfortable to watch television or the mobile screen.

Weight : On average, exercise bikes weigh 30-35 kg, while elliptical bikes range between 70-80 kg. But they are more resistant and suitable for overweight people. In both cases, wheels are usually included to facilitate transport within the room.

Intensity : elliptical bikes are ideal for training power comprehensively. The static ones, on the other hand, allow you to exercise in a more progressive way and that only covers the legs.

Price : any cheap elliptical bike is significantly more expensive than a stationary one, but this is compensated by offering a more complete exercise.

What muscles are exercised with the bicycle?

With an exercise bike it is possible to work exclusively the muscles of the legs:



Biceps femoris.


Hip flexor muscles.


How many calories does one hour of cycling burn?

It will depend on the intensity of the exercise performed on the stationary bike:

Medium or moderate intensity: 413 kcal / hour.

High intensity: 620 kcal / hour.

Very high intensity: 738 kcal / hour.

How many calories can I lose with 30 minutes of elliptical?

As in the previous case, it will vary depending on the intensity with which the exercise is performed:

Low intensity: 225 kcal (450 kcal / hour).

Medium or moderate intensity: 325 kcal (650 kcal / hour).

High intensity: 415 kcal (830 kcal / hour).

Photo: The best rollers to roll with the bicycle at home

The best bicycle rollers for training at home


It is obvious that with an elliptical bike we can burn almost the same amount of calories in half the time as with a stationary bike thanks to the involvement of the upper body in the exercise.

What are the benefits of elliptical bikes?

Buying an elliptical cross trainer has the following health benefits:

Comprehensive training : allows you to exercise the upper and lower body muscles.

No impact on the joints : the movement is fluid but demanding and protects the knees, ankles and hips.

Weight loss : consume a large number of calories in a short time.

Preparation for other sports : elliptical bikes help us to get the ideal point for running, cycling or practicing any other sports discipline.

Balanced toning : it gives us the possibility of developing our muscles in a uniform and homogeneous way.

Postural hygiene : used to get used to acquiring a proper position when walking and standing.

Improved resistance : very visible and in a very short time. It also helps you learn to control your breath easily.

Reduce stress : few exercises are better than this to eliminate the tension of the day to day.

What muscles do I exercise while using the elliptical?

Before we said that exercise bikes are only used to work the legs. However, the best elliptical bikes on the market go much further:

Leg muscles: calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, hamstrings, hamstrings, and hip flexor muscles.

Trunk muscles: upper and lower abdominals and pectorals.

Arm muscles: biceps and triceps.

Back muscles: lumbar, lats, trapezius and deltoids.

Increase the resistance of your muscles with continuous exercise and improve your physical condition In addition, due to the improvement in the cardiovascular system that it implies, we can also say that a multifunctional elliptical bike is of great help to strengthen the heart. Without a doubt, the most important muscle in our body.

What kind of maintenance do elliptical bikes need?

It is important to clean our exercise bike every time we use it to remove sweat and prevent it from penetrating its structure. To do this, just use a microfiber cloth soaked in water. However, it is necessary to perform certain maintenance tasks on the elliptical cross trainer once a year. These are:

Pour special lubricant for fitness machines on the joints and bearings of the elliptical bike. We must do this at any time also if we notice that some components squeak while we use it.

Brush the track to remove dust.

Tighten the bolts. It must also be done if we perceive that the machine is unstable.

Grease the drive belt.

Just by doing this once a year, we will have our fitness bike in perfect condition for a long time.

What are the best ellipticals?

In this comparison of elliptical bicycles we have been able to verify that certain brands have higher levels of prestige among users than others due to their good value for money. These are:

Ultrasport : a very interesting option for those looking for elliptical bikes with a heart rate monitor. It manufactures models that stand out for their robustness, their economic character and their ergonomic design.

Klar Fit : Without a doubt, one of the best brands of adjustable resistance elliptical bikes of the moment. It is characterized by making functional, silent and fully adjustable designs.

ISE : another ideal brand to find a good deal on elliptical bikes. In fact, it specializes in the manufacture of lightweight folding models that take up very little space but that, at the same time, are versatile and functional.

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